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Peer-reviewed Publications

For a complete list of published work, please see my NCBI's Bibliography [link].

D Tandon, K Ressler, D Petticord, A Papa, J Jiranek, R Wilkinson, RY Kartzinel, EA Ostrander, N Burney, C Borden, MAR Udell, BM vonHoldt (2019) Homozygosity for mobile element insertions associated with WBSCR17 could predict success in assistance dog training programs. Genes 10(6), 439 [abstract]

EA Ostrander, G-D Wang, G Larson, BM vonHoldt, BW Davis, V Jagannathan, C Hitte, RK Wayne, Y-P ZHang, Dog10K Consortium (2019) Dog10K: An international sequencing effort to advance studies of canine domestication, phenotypes, and health. National Science Review DOI: https://doi.org/10.1093/nsr/nwz049 [abstract]

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ER Bastounes, HM Rando, JL Johnson, LN Trut, BN Sacks, CA Driscoll, B vonHoldt, AV Kukekova (2018) Four structural variants associated with human-directed sociability in dogs are not found in tame red foxes (Vulpes vulpes). Animal Genetics 50(1), 116-118 [abstract]

E Heppenheimer*, KE Brzeski*, R Wooten, W Waddell, LY Rutledge, MJ Chamberlain, DR Stahler, JW Hinton, BM vonHoldt (2018) Rediscovery of red wolf ghost alleles in a canid population along the American Gulf Coast. Genes 9(12), 618 (* authors contributed equally) [abstract]

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BM vonHoldt*, RY Kartzinel*, CD Huber, VL Underwood, Y Zhen, K Ruegg, KE Lohmueller, TB Smith (2018) Growth factor gene IGF1 is associated with bill size in an African finch (Pyrenestes ostrinus). Nature Communications 9, 4855 (* authors contributed equally) [abstract]

B vonHoldt, SS Ji, ML Aardema, DR Stahler, MAR Udell, JS Sinsheimer (2018) Activity of genes with functions in human Williams-Beuren Syndrome are impacted by mobile element insertions in the gray wolf genome. Genome Biology & Evolution. 10(6), 1546-1553 [ abstract]

AL DeCandia, AP Dobson, BM vonHoldt (2018) Toward an integrative molecular approach to wildlife disease. Conservation Biology 32(4), 798-807 [abstract]

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SA Hendricks, S Koblmuller, R Harrigan, J Leonard, R Schweizer, B vonHoldt, R Kays,R Wayne (2017) Defense of an Expanded Historical Range for the Mexican Wolf: A Response to Heffelfinger et al. J Wildlife Management and Wildlife Monographs 81(8), 1331-1333. [abstract]

E Heppenheimer, DS Cosio*, KE Brzeski, C Caudill, K Van Why, MJ Chamberlain, JW Hinton, B vonHoldt (2017) Demographic history influences spatial patterns of genetic diversity in recently expanded coyote (Canis latrans) populations. Heredity 120(3), 183-195 (* undergraduate coauthor) [abstract]

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